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Chinandega in Nicaragua

Chinandega in Nicaragua

Palm roofs at the foot of the volcano

The twin town agreement was concluded in 1986 during the volatile years of the Nicaraguan Sandinista revolution and the Contra war and stirred up many emotions. Meanwhile the twin town partnership has seen several governments come and go and the earlier polarization has given way to a pragmatic cooperative relationship.

Improving living conditions in Chinandega has always been unquestioned. It has been possible to anchor non-political aid projects in Chinandega, and today large water containers with "Leverkusen" printed on the side are proof of this commitment to help. More than 6.000 persons in several barrios profit from clean drinking water and a hygienic waste water system.

Despite the 7.000 kilometres distance, a number of clubs and institutions maintain friendly and helpful contact, especially the “Nicaragua Arbeitsgruppe Leverkusen”. School partnerships combine a "one-world" approach with Spanish language teaching. In addition, young people have volunteered for a long-term service and have also helped the towns grow closer together.

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