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Leverkusen has many faces - and its shopping precincts are just as varied as the city itself: 

  • Department stores and brightly illuminated arcades characterise Wiesdorf,
  • Leverkusen-Schlebusch is rather like a golden mile with small boutiques,
  • and finally the pedestrian precinct in the Opladen district, also famous for its lively pub scene, invites visitors to do some window shopping and stroll around for a while.

The city’s numerous markets and annual festivals make a visit over the weekend well worth your while as well.



City Wiesdorf: Shopping arcades and department stores

Wiesdorf is Leverkusen’s city centre, formed in the seventies during the course of urban reform. Cafés, select retail businesses and department stores have settled in Wiesdorf’s pedestrian precinct.

The Shopping-Centers "Rathaus-Galerie" and "Luminaden" arcades with their glass roofs also allow visitors to do their shopping whatever the weather. Another glass-covered shopping mile is the City-Point, located directly next to the city hall. The indoor Rialto-Boulevard with its businesses forms the artery between the city and the railway station.

Underground car parks allow visitors arriving by car do their shopping conveniently within a relatively small area. The Multiplex cinema Kinopolis and the Forum form a central hub for diverse cultural events and lend the city additional attractions, especially in the evening.

The architecture in Wiesdorf is rich in contrasts, as can be seen, for example, in the merging of the idyllic residential district built in the twenties with the Kolonie II gardens in the city. The city park created in the thirties is only a few minutes’ walk from the city and the perfect spot for relaxing. The silhouette of Bayer plant is also very dominant, acting at the same time as a symbol of Leverkusen’s character as a modern, industrial city.

Opladen: Shopping, strolling, wining & dining

The Treffpunkt Opladen shopping centre based around the pedestrian precinct offers visitors a well-balanced array of retail stores, as well as being a venue for major events and markets on a regular basis. The lively pub scene around Kölner Strasse is also famous and popular.

Opladen undoubtedly has a flair all of its own. It is, after all, the most populous district in Leverkusen today and has a long and interesting history, having formerly been an autonomous town and the centre of the then Rhine-Wupper District. The Kölner Strasse pedestrian precinct is particularly well-suited for a relaxing shopping spree. Far removed from the typical stress and hectic pace of a city, shoppers can head for speciality or chain stores of their choice and pay the occasional visit to a café or an ice cream parlour before continuing with their shopping. The evenings are then free for yet more recreation - at one of the pubs in Opladen’s “new" centre after a pleasant meal at one of the many restaurants. According to insider reports, Opladen’s catering scene is the largest to be found between Cologne and Düsseldorf.

An Opladen invention - the Bierbörse

Of the many recreational attractions that draw visitors to Opladen throughout the year, one event stands out from all the rest: the Opladen Bierbörse, or Beer Fair, is now one of the most successful export hits to other cities as well. Yet it was in Opladen that the four-day, open-air festival was born among the countless beer varieties, and crowds of visitors have been flocking every August year after year to this special fair ever since.

Link to the Bierbörse http://www.bierboerse.com/ (also in English)

Schlebusch: Village charm

The shopping mile in Schlebusch with its pedestrian precinct and arcades has grown all around the St. Andreas Church. The special attraction of Schlebusch lies in the successful combination of village charm and the well-sorted speciality stores across a wide variety of commercial sectors.

Surrounded by the renovated facades of half-timbered houses and villas from the late nineteenth century, visitors will experience a relaxed atmosphere for shopping with a rich and varied catering programme that resembles a Mediterranean atmosphere in the summer months.

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