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Wuxi in China

The youngest Twinning Partner

The economic cooperation developed to a friendship of cities.

Twinning beeing sealed

On June 5th Mayor Reinhard Buchhorn signed in Wuxi together with Mayor Ji Keijan the partnership agreement of the two cities.

With this Wuxi became the ninth town that is linked with Leverkusen by a town twinning. The earlier economic cooperation was at the same time extended by an additional treaty. Also a certificate for school exchange was signed.

Megacity in the east

Wuxi is located in the east of China in the province of Jiangsu with a distance of around 120 km from Shanghai. The big city has around 6 million inhabitants.

This fast growing economic metropolis is shaped by modern apartment towers. Numerous foreign hi-tech companies built up one of their headquarters here, also the Leverkusen based companies Lanxess and Dystar.

In addition to that Wuxi is also a tourist destination. The 3000 years old city is well known for its appealing landscape between the Yangtse-delta and the Lake Tai Hu. Places of interest are for example a Buddha-statue with a height of 88 meters at the Lingshan, the mountain park of Lunding as well as the Garden of Distraction, which is one of the most famous private gardens in southern China. Wuxi is also known as one of the ten most important cities in the People´s Republic of China.

Wuxi first got in contact with Leverkusen in March of 2004. The Chinese metropolis declared its interest starting friendly relations with Leverkusen. The reasons was the positive economic relation with the Bayer AG.

In Dezember 2005 the town council of Leverkusen voted for an official economic cooperation. In 2006 Lanxess opened a new synthetic material factory in Wuxi. Dr. Axel Heitmann, chief executive and also honorary citizen of Wuxi, promoted the first direct contacts between both cities.

The economic partnership was finally signed on 27 April 2006. Since then regular economic meetings between Chinese and German entrepreneurs took place about questions of cooperation in the hi-tech business, wind power and environment protection.

The town council of Leverkusen decided on 9 December 2013 with a large majority to extend the relation to a official town twinning.

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Buddha-statue at the Lingshan
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