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Racibórz in Poland

Racibórz in Poland

German-Polish Relation in Silesia

Nowadays’ twinning between Racibórz and Leverkusen dates back to the honorary sponsorship for the former German town of Ratibor which was signed by Leverkusen in 1951.

Due to the many personal contacts which had been developed over the decades, the twinning with Ratibor/Raciborz was signed in 2002. More than 50 years after the sponsorship ceremony, a new chapter of relations was opened by the twinning which has become particularly important in light of European unification.

"Thanks to our citizens, our towns have become very close,” the former president of Racibórz said during the ceremony surrounding the signing of the twinning. “And I say 'our' because many of the citizens of Leverkusen have their roots in Racibórz."

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