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Cultural Centre Forum

Cultural Centre Forum

At the heart of Leverkusen

The Leverkusen Forum is the city's key event venue, located in an eye-catching setting at the very heart of the city and all traffic routes.

The Forum plays host to important theatre ensembles in the German-speaking world, as well as internationally acclaimed orchestras, dancing troupes, and artists. The City of Leverkusen's cultural programme includes over one hundred guest performances per season, including the renowned "Leverkusen Jazz Days".

Modern congress and conference venue

The Forum combines all the opportunities presented by a cultural centre with those of a modern congress and conference venue, supported by professional show, stage, and conference installations. Spacious halls and a large number of seminar, conference, and lecture theatres make the Forum a coveted venue for all kinds of events.

The range of services at a glance:

  • Great Hall (643 m², stage programmes, conferences; max. 970 people, fixed ascending seating tiers)
  • Terrace Hall (1,549 m²; stage programmes, exhibitions, trade fairs, banquets, conferences; max. 2,070 people; variable seating; the venue for the Leverkusen Jazz Days)
  • Agam Hall (309 m²; stage programmes, exhibitions, banquets, conferences; max. 500 people; variable seating)
  • Lecture theatre (137 m²; small conferences, exhibitions, conferences, workshops; max. 275 people; variable seating)
  • Six clubrooms (32 - 47 m²; seminars; max. forty people; variable seating)
  • Film studio (124 m²; cinema shows, lectures; max. 144 people; fixed ascen-ding tier seating; venue of the urban "Communal Cinema")
  • Cloakroom foyer (1,200 m²; fairs, markets, exhibitions)
  • Underground car park for four hundred vehicles beneath the building International cuisine and catering on the premises
Citymap: Forum
Citymap: Forum

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