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Bracknell in the United Kingdom

Bracknell in the United Kingdom

Tea-time in the "new" town

The twinning relations with Bracknell are traditionally maintained by the Leverkusen-Opladen clubs. The twin town agreement was signed in 1973 by the Town of Opladen and reconfirmed in a ceremony by the City of Leverkusen after the regions were reorganised in 1975.

In the declaration about the joint goal of realising the European unit, both towns expressly committed themselves to “ensuring friendly meetings between our towns and to support every possible exchange between the citizens." Without the active commitment of the citizens in both towns, a declaration of this kind would be worthless.

Today, clubs on both sides enjoy exchanges. The younger generation also seize the opportunity to freshen up their language skills on trips to the twin town. Placements in Bracknell are highly popular. Twinning activities are mainly realized by both twin town associations who are committed to the goal of filling the twin town concept with many attractive offers.

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